First Party at the Grand Arena

Hosted a birthday party tonight.

We had 12 Adults and 12 children and the club worked wonderfully.  The kids were able to play on the consoles or watch some movies, while the adults got to play many board games throughout the evening.  Fun was had by all.

This also brought our membership count up to 57

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Membership drive taking off

We are now up to 29 registered members and adding more every night.

The weekly Star Wars Role Playing Group is in tonight, glad to have them here!

Some cool new art work up around the place that doubles as clocks, come check them out.

Kick Starter passes $2600!  Keep pledging and passing the word.

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Movie Night

Today ended up being a movie night.

Some Anime and Monty python with a game of Kingsburg for the intermission.

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Open on Memorial Day

Hello All,

Club is OPEN.  A/C’s cranking, break room stocked.

Come bring your holiday game or come create a holiday game to Grand Arena.

Look forward to seeing you here!

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Progress Everywhere

Here is a progress update on the club.

Kick Starter is over $1500 and growing.  2 rooms allocated, some other packages being pledged.  Get your pledges in soon.

Memberships on Sale!  We have started selling memberships.  Currently we are selling memberships at a highly reduced rate to build up the membership base, get yours today.

Drawing package to be submitted to city in next few days for approval.  Planning for June 20 Grand Opening underway.

Club operating in Soft Open now.

  • Memberships required to come to the club.
  • Starting June 1st we will  be charging facility usage fees as well.
  • During June all membership and fees will be highly discounted to help build introduce the club, so come try it out.
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KickStarter off to a good start

We’re off to a good start with KickStarter and are close to the first grand!  We have 24 more days to see if another 9K can be raised to help out with the renovations.  Please repost (and repost often) and tell others about the club!

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