Pandemic the cure added to library

Pandemic: The Cure (Dice Game) was donated by one of our members today.


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Donations in honor of my Birthday

Hello All,

Last weekend we added the following Power Grid Expansions to our library:

  • New Power plant deck
  • France / Italy Board
  • China / Korea Board
  • Brazil / Spain & Portugal Board
  • Benelux / Central Europe Board
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Club is Growing

Last night with the introduction of new friends from Tampa Bay Anime and some other new members learning how to role play in the Cipher system, we are now at 133 members and last week hit a new weekly attendance record of 46.

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Games, Demos and Pricing Discounts

Hello All,

Been a busy week and have not had a chance to update everyone so here are a bunch of updates together:


  • Board Games happening every Tuesday Night
  • Battlestar Galactica being setup every Sunday
  • Many role playing games through out the week
  • Working to setup a Kaos Ball league
  • Setting up Robo Rally Fridays
  • Open Gaming at all times
  • 1830 Rail and Stock game tomorrow starting at 11 AM


  • Steve Jackson MIBs demoing games every Thursday
  • Role Playing for beginners starting every Saturday afternoon
  • Board Game demos on demand occurring through out the week

Spreading the Word

  • We had many of our staff and friends at Dice Tower Con with club shirts, flyers and discount cards
  • We are putting an add in the USF Oracle starting next week
  • Next month we will begin more advertising with USF
  • Starting soon we will be advertising with Hillsborough Community College and University of Tampa along with some community magazines

Pricing Discounts

  • We have decided to maintain the current Opening discount of about 40% through the end of August, extending it one more month. (Eve $9 / Day $15)
  • We are also going to do an introductory discount of around 20% from September through the end of the year going to full prices in January. (Eve $12 / Day $20)


  • Birthday Party for the Owner on Sunday, July 19, Cake and Pizza available at the club
  • Monthly game swap meet starting Saturday, August 8 from Noon to 3PM
    • Bring a game to sell or trade and pay evening price for day access.
    • Buy, Sell or Trade
    • All transactions between members and the club is  not involved other than setting aside space for the activity
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More Games added to the library

Got a chance to cleanup some backlog today and was able to get another 10 games added to the library!

  • Ultimate Werewolf – Deluxe Edition
  • Red Dragon Inn
  • Red Dragon Inn – 2
  • Red Dragon Inn – 3
  • Red Dragon Inn – 4
  • Red Dragon Inn – Allies Cormac the Mighty
  • Red Dragon Inn – Allies Witch Doctor Natyli
  • Scene it? Star Trek Deluxe
  • Scene it? Twilight
  • Scene it? Simpsons Deluxe

This brings the library to 130 games now!

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New Games in the Library

As part of the club business plan, we are adding the following games to the library:

Kaos Ball — per meet up recommendation

Shadow Hunters — member recommendation

Kingsburg Expansion, to forge a realm

China Rails, part of the empire builder series

Splendor — member recommendation

Diablo III, Ultimate Evil Edition for PS4


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Grand Arena Opening at 11AM on Friday July 3rd

In Honor of the 4th of July weekend we will open up to members at 11AM on Friday to extend the gaming weekend for 3 full days!

See you there.

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Grand Arena Breaks the 100 Member Mark

Today we are hosting a studio call back audition session pushing our membership count past the 100 member mark!

Tell your friends, bring your family and come out and join the fun.

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Game Calendar up and Operational

Website has been upgraded with our game calendar.

We have started scheduling games every night.

Sign up, see the games, join the games, come in and play the games.

Now you will know some of what is going on before you leave home or work.

See you at GAME!

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Grand Opening Excitement

Hello All!

Tomorrow is the day.  Continuing on Sunday.

Board Game Tournaments with prizes

Movie Marathons

Role Playing Games

Hourly door prize

$10 for the day for members (new memberships start at $2)

Come on in and join the fun!!!


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