Update on City approval process

Hello All,

sorry for the delay on updates.

I got word yesterday that the building department has approved the plans, they are now with the fire marshal and we are hopeful that approval will happen by Friday.

If approvals complete this week we should start work next week, I am still hopeful to re-open by the 18th!

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We have agreement from the city

Hello All,

Good news!  We met with the city on Friday and reviewed all the plans.
They were in agreement with the changes and will approve our plans once they have been resubmitted with some minor updates and additional detail that was requested.
The plans will be submitted on Monday and we hope to have authorization to start the modifications by December 1st.

The modifications for those interested are as follows:

  • Improve our firewall between us and other tenants to have a 2 hour rating.
  • Expand the two back bathrooms (north wall) to be ADA compliant.
  • Upgrade the emergency exit hardware on the doors to be full width crash bars
  • Add a couple of extra emergency lights.

Hopefully the work and inspection should not take more then week or so.
I am hoping to reopen the weekend of December 12th or 19th!

Thanks again for your patience,

Michael Levin

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Meeting with City

Latest update on the upgrade discussions.
Looks like we will need to upgrade the firewall between us and the other tenants.
Add some emergency exit upgrades to the doors, lights, signs, etc.
And we need to upgrade some of the bathrooms to comply with latest ADA codes.
We have the drawing packages together and are meeting with the city on Friday to finalize.
Will update after the meeting on next steps.

Thanks for your patience!

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Update on City Discussions

Hello All,

I have been working with the building contractor this week and it seems that we will have to do some updates to the bathrooms for ADA compliance.  We had hoped to avoid this cost but some work must be done.

The contractor should be completing drawings this weekend and we hope to get with the city early next week to see if they will accept the updated plans.

At this time the work list looks as follows:

  • Thicken the back wall between us and the other tenants to increase fire safety (2 hour wall over a 1 hour wall)
  • Upgrade some of the emergency exit doors
  • Add some more emergency lights
  • Update and/or move some of the exit signage
  • Update bathrooms to latest ADA standards

If anyone is interested in helping fund some of these upgrades, I would be happy to discuss investment opportunities. 🙂

We should know the full requirements next week and hope to start work during the last week of November.

More updates to come!

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Starting the process with the City

My contractor and I will be meeting with city officials tomorrow to work out the details of what changes are required for Grand Arena to re-open.

More to come.  Thanks for your patience.

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Temporary Set Back

Hello All:

We appreciate all of your great support.

At this time the Grand Arena must close for a few weeks to comply with some updates that are being required by the City of Tampa, Fire Marshall’s office.

We hope to have this resolved and updates completed so that we may re-open quickly, but this may take 30 days or so to complete and get all inspections.

We will post updates as we know them and look forward to opening again soon so that we can continue building a great place for the gaming community in Tampa!


Michael Levin, President.

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Role Playing Convention

2 Sessions on Saturday Nov. 14.

Gamemaster’s bring your one off adventures and introduce your favorite systems.

Players come meet game masters, learn new systems, or even learn to play for the first time.

See more details on our meetup page

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Zombie Apocalypse is Coming

*********ALERT ***********

We have been notified of signs appearing all over the nation that the zombie infestation is spreading.

Please make preparations now.

Grand Arena is fortifying to be a safe haven in the event that it spreads to Tampa!

********** ALERT **********

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October new games

Continuing to grow the library, more games added this month along with 20 movies added for the Halloween weekend

  • Steampunk Rally
  • Empire Builder
  • Steam
  • Cthulhu Realms
  • Starfighter
  • Bang the bullet
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New growth milestones

Hello All,

Wanted to let you know that we keep growing thanks to your support!

  • We now have passed the 200 member mark.
  • Our Facebook page is over 150 likes and growing every week
  • We have board games going 3 to 4 days a week.
  • We have 5 regular RPGs every week and a few others that occur at least once a month.
  • Every Friday has become a movie night with amine on alternating Fridays
  • This Saturday will be our 3rd monthly buy/sell/trade flea market
  • Sunday has become Wii Golf Day as well.

Come join the fun

  • Check out our Meetup page for upcoming events
  • Join in on the 4 day Halloween party at the end of October!
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