Construction Update #7

Enthusiasm is strong but optimism is waning

We may be cutting it close, but I am pushing to still open this weekend.

We now have plumbing all installed.

The electrical is done as well.

Tomorrow they should be hanging the doors, fixing the bathroom floors and putting up the rest of the bathroom hardware (grab bars, mirrors, etc.).

Hopefully the emergency exit hardware for the doors will arrive and be installed as well.

With the last touch-ups being done tomorrow afternoon and Friday morning.

If all goes well we will get Final inspections tomorrow afternoon and Friday.

This will give us the go ahead to open.

We might be a bit more dusty then normal, but we will be working to fix that over the weekend as well.

Keep tabs here and on facebook for updates!

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First round of inspections successful

Greetings all:

We have passed the first round of inspections.

Tomorrow morning the 2nd phase to clean up the drywall, close off the bathrooms, etc. will commence.

If all goes well, we will get final inspection on Thursday or Friday of next week and be open for the weekend of January 15th.  One more week…….(optimism flowing)

We are working on what we will be doing for that grand re-opening, but I do know that there will be a draw bag with specials for the first 100 paid entrances to the club.

Stay tuned for more on the progress and the re-opening events.

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The inspectors are coming!

Greetings all,

I am happy to announce that we are ready for the first round of inspections and have scheduled the city inspectors for tomorrow (possibly will slip until Friday).

Once we pass that inspection we can finish out the bathrooms and paint the walls.

We are hoping for the 2nd inspection to be the end of next week.

If all goes well we will open again for the Martin Luther King holiday weekend (Jan. 15)

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Some Progress but More Delays

Greetings and Happy new year to all:

The electrical and plumbing are ready for inspection.

Fire wall is still being completed.

But the big delay is the holidays.  Staff at the city and the owner not available this week to get some signatures delaying first inspection to sometime next week.

Hopefully the A/C folks will be in on Monday as promised and that will be the last big piece needed before the first inspection.

but my estimate has now moved out to the middle of January before we can open again.

Looking forward to that time, thanks for hanging in there with us.

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Construction Update #3

Greetings all:

I was warned that this kind of job takes longer then expected, but I was being the optimist.

On the good news we have a lot of progress and crews will be back tomorrow.  The firewall should be complete.  Hopefully we will get both AC and Electrical in as well and then we will be ready to set the first inspection (we need 2).

Once we pass the first inspection, we can finish assembling the ceiling grid,  complete and paint the walls, complete the bathrooms and setup for the 2nd inspection.

Best guess is first inspection on Tuesday or Wednesday of the coming week and the 2nd inspection a week later.  Once the second inspection is passed we should be able to open again to make 2016 a great year.

More to come…..


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Construction Update #2

A few more days have passed and progress is continuing.

Coordinating between framers, drywall, electrical and plumbers along with materials and supervision has been more of a task than anticipated and I forgot the need for A/C support to move some vents with the bathroom enlargements.

Christmas is definitely out of the question, I am still hoping to be open for new years weekend, but that is no where near definite at this time.

Firewall is almost done, initial plumbing is completed, electrical in progress and we need to get some A/C support in as well.  I am hoping to wrap most of it tomorrow, but will see.

Please stay tuned for more updates

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Construction Update

Hello All,

Schedule has slipped, so we are not too far along with the changes.

So unfortunately we will not be open this weekend as I hoped.

Our best case will Christmas weekend but more likely around new years weekend.

More updates to come, hoping we can get work done over the next 4 days and have a better feel on Monday.

Thanks for your support

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And now the work begins

Tomorrow the contractor will start the changes required by the City.

I will be doing a check point on Monday with them to get schedule and budget for completion.

I am still hoping to be done by next week or very soon afterwards.

Looking forward to filling the place with happy gamers again soon!

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Investor Update

First, I want to thank all of those who have invested and supported Grand Arena.

Per the business plan all holders of preferred stock will be issued a dividend of $0.10 per share by the end of December.  The cut off for qualifying for this dividend is December 18, 2015; any stockholder on record on that date will receive the dividend.

Further the book value of all stock will be increased from $7.50 per share to $10.00 per share as of January 1, 2016.

There are still opportunities to either extend your investment or become a new investor with Grand Arena.  If you are interested and wish to lock in the $7.50 per share, please contact me at to review investment opportunities and requirements.

Thanks again for all the support!
Michael Levin
Grand Arena of Mind Expansion

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City approvals all in

Good News!

We have sign off from all the city officials.

Contractor finishing up administration to get building permit and we will start work this week.

More updates to come soon.

Thanks for your support and patience

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