Survey Results

Thanks to all our members that participated in our survey.

Here are the highlights and some actions we are taking in response to your suggestions:

  1. Survey Results on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being strongly agree. (53 Responses)
    1. The price of admission is fair  — Rated 3.09
    2. The club is open when I want to play games — Rated 4.36
    3. The game and movie library is stocked with items I want to use — Rated 3.91
    4. The events which are hosted by the club are of interest to me — Rated 3.57
    5. Having complimentary snacks and drinks factor into my decision to visit — Rated 3.79
    6. Knowing people are at the club factor into my decision to visit — Rated 4.23
  2. Some general issues in the open text responses
    1. We had many compliments on how well we are doing and how great the place is and we appreciate them all, but we are also happy to have the improvements and concerns that I will address below.
    2. I Can’t eat the food you offer, so there is not a value for me
      1. We have been working on adding a variety of dietary special foods like low carb, sugar free and vegetarian friendly
      2. We will be putting a page on our website showing what is on the menu at the club to better educate our members and friends
      3. Finally we do take suggestions and requests where we can to make sure that there is something for everyone at the club.
    3. Need to improve the décor add some theming and gaming posters
      1. We have done some work in this area and will be doing more.
      2. For those that have not been in recently you will see more art and posters up on the walls and we continue to work to improve
      3. Specific suggestions welcome.
    4. More controllers for the console rooms
      1. We have 2 controllers with each of our systems and 4 with the Wii
      2. We actually added an xbox one after we had a few request for new games only on that system.
      3. We are looking to add some more controllers but only a few games can play more than 2 and so we are not sure the value.  If there is a specific system and game that you and your friends want to play with 3 or 4 players, please drop the suggestion in our suggestion box and we will work to get it in the club
    5. Better communication of events
      1. We use meetup and facebook for most of our event communication, and facebook repeats to twitter if you like that kind of feed as well.
      2. I have tried to not use email from the members list except on very special occasions, since I promised members I would not spam them.
      3. We also put up notices inside the club of upcoming events as well.
      4. Finally there is a forum under the meetup site to allow the community to discuss games and coordination
    6. More games
      1. We are constantly adding to our library in the last year we have grown from 2 cabinets for our games and movies to now 9 cabinets.
      2. We have a suggestion box in the club and usually when a game is requested I try to get it in the club within a month, assuming availability and price.
      3. Let us know what you want to play and will try to have it for you here next time you come in.
      4. Finally we are looking to start backing Kickstarter games next year so that not only can we keep adding to the current favorites, we can start getting some of the upcoming ones as well.
    7. Last but not least was price
      1. There were comments of what we be nice to change
        1. splitting food from admissions
        2. lowering the price
        3. just make it free
        4. simpler memberships
      2. We have simplified our memberships
        1. We removed some options
        2. Lowered the price of silver and gold memberships
        3. increased the value for these memberships with more friend discounts
        4. We are focusing the rewards system to encourage more advanced memberships
        5. We have combined the platinum and annual pass into a single package
        6. We will no longer require memberships for the children 12 and under, but they will still need to pay admission fees
      3. We are running some special in October to get some more feed back as well on pricing
        1. Monday — Make me an offer for entry
        2. Thursday — Bring a group and get discounts, bigger the group, get a bigger discount
        3. Friday — Discount for students
        4. Early Bird Weekends — First in the door gets a big discount and slowly increase with each person through the door until the 11 th person returns to normal prices
      4. Splitting food from entrance
        1. I decided when I opened this business I did not want to do retail, so that is why food is included
        2. This reduces labor cost which actually helps keep costs down
        3. We also find that it does help distinguish us from all the other options out there, your snacks are included!
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