Change in membership and rewards Program

SUBJECT:  Change to the Grand Arena Rewards Program and Pricing

Soon after Grand Arena opened, a rewards program was created for our members.  The program ended up being complicated and did not accomplish its initial goals.  Due to this fact, we’ve decided to make some changes to the program.

We understand that changing anything which people have become accustomed to is always difficult.  So we will phase in the changes along with some other modifications to our membership and pricing over the next few months, with all new rules fully in effect on November 1, 2016.  Our hopes are that these changes will assist in bringing members in more often.

One of the areas we have not seen much utilization is the upper level memberships (silver, gold and platinum).  We had thought that the discounts and perks would make them desirable however we realize that the costs may be prohibitive.  To address this area, we will be realigning both our pricing and rewards programs to make these memberships easier to achieve and changing some of the benefits to what we hope are more desirable.

To help simplify our memberships, we will be removing the family membership option; however, to counter this change we are also removing the requirement that a child under the age of 13 to have a membership.  Since children can only be in the club with a parent, then a parental membership will cover up to 2 of their children as well.

In the realm of club access passes, we are reworking this concept completely.  The ability to gain an unlimited access pass is now a benefit of the upper level memberships.  Silver and Gold will be able to purchase monthly passes while the platinum membership will include an annual access pass.

Finally, since we want to encourage the upgrading of membership levels to provide more benefits to our members, we will be increasing the amount of points earned for club attendance to 3 points for every evening entry and 5 points for every day entry.  Also to facilitate this goal, we will be discontinuing the use of points to purchase standard memberships and entry passes at all levels.  Points will only be usable for the purchase of upper level memberships starting November 1, 2016.  The points will count as 1 point equaling $1 in membership costs at the time the memberships are purchased.  Memberships can be upgraded at any time throughout the year.

To make gaining the upper level memberships more achievable and desirable, we will be changing the cost and benefits of memberships and access passes to the following prices:

Membership Cost Eve Pass Rate

Adult / Child

Day Pass Rate

Adult / Child

Month Pass Rate

Adult / Child

Year Pass Number of Guests Allowed to Use your Eve/Day Rate
Standard (Blue) $5 / year $15 / $9 $25 / $15 N/A N/A N/A
Silver $180 / year $12 / $7 $20 / $12 $100 / $60 N/A 1
Gold $500 / year $10 / $6 $17 / $10 $90/  $55 N/A 5
Platinum $1500 / year N/A N/A N/A Included with Membership Same as Gold Membership Level


The timeline for the schedule of changes is identified below:

Effective Date Changes
September 15, 2016 ·     Membership rates changed

·     Silver now allows 1 guest at discount rate

·     Gold now allows 5 guests at discount rate

·     Remove requirement for children under 13 to be members

·     Remove family membership function

·     Remove the ability to renew standard memberships with points

October 1, 2016 ·     Monthly Passes only available to Silver or Gold members at new rates

·     Platinum Members automatically get free entry

·     Remove availability of weekly access passes

November 1, 2016 ·     Discontinue the ability to purchase access passes with points

·     Change Platinum benefit to remove free entry of guest and allow up to 5 people to enter at Gold Prices

·     Increase points earned to 3 for evening and 5 for day entries


Since this system is still a work in progress, we reserve the right to modify the plan at any time; however, we always welcome feedback.

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