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Hello All,

I have been bad on updating the News page.  We have been putting updates out on the facebook and meetup sites.

Upcoming Activities:

  • Pee Wees big holiday 3/18
  • GM User group meeting 3/19
  • Debut of a role playing system designed for kids – “No Thank You Evil” on 3/20
  • Space Shuttle Movie Marathon weekend of April 2nd.

Watch for a sale on our Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships coming soon.  Save those points they will be worth more than normal during this sale!

Some highlights:

  • Reopening parties went great (Grab Bag drawings a big hit and there is still a Month Pass Available!)
  • Role Playing on the rise — 5 regular games, working on adding more
  • Saturday and Sunday both becoming big board game days
  • Console rooms becoming more popular with addition of new titles
  • Projector added to one of the Role playing rooms, now you can project your map from your computer right on to the table.
  • Great room re-arranged to now host high top tables for miniatures

Club is growing with 6 new members in January and 6 more in February.

March is off to a great start with 6 new members already!

Thanks for all the support, See you soon and Happy Gaming!

Mike Levin



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