Update on City Discussions

Hello All,

I have been working with the building contractor this week and it seems that we will have to do some updates to the bathrooms for ADA compliance.  We had hoped to avoid this cost but some work must be done.

The contractor should be completing drawings this weekend and we hope to get with the city early next week to see if they will accept the updated plans.

At this time the work list looks as follows:

  • Thicken the back wall between us and the other tenants to increase fire safety (2 hour wall over a 1 hour wall)
  • Upgrade some of the emergency exit doors
  • Add some more emergency lights
  • Update and/or move some of the exit signage
  • Update bathrooms to latest ADA standards

If anyone is interested in helping fund some of these upgrades, I would be happy to discuss investment opportunities. 🙂

We should know the full requirements next week and hope to start work during the last week of November.

More updates to come!

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