Survey Results

Thanks to all our members that participated in our survey.

Here are the highlights and some actions we are taking in response to your suggestions:

  1. Survey Results on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being strongly agree. (53 Responses)
    1. The price of admission is fair  — Rated 3.09
    2. The club is open when I want to play games — Rated 4.36
    3. The game and movie library is stocked with items I want to use — Rated 3.91
    4. The events which are hosted by the club are of interest to me — Rated 3.57
    5. Having complimentary snacks and drinks factor into my decision to visit — Rated 3.79
    6. Knowing people are at the club factor into my decision to visit — Rated 4.23
  2. Some general issues in the open text responses
    1. We had many compliments on how well we are doing and how great the place is and we appreciate them all, but we are also happy to have the improvements and concerns that I will address below.
    2. I Can’t eat the food you offer, so there is not a value for me
      1. We have been working on adding a variety of dietary special foods like low carb, sugar free and vegetarian friendly
      2. We will be putting a page on our website showing what is on the menu at the club to better educate our members and friends
      3. Finally we do take suggestions and requests where we can to make sure that there is something for everyone at the club.
    3. Need to improve the décor add some theming and gaming posters
      1. We have done some work in this area and will be doing more.
      2. For those that have not been in recently you will see more art and posters up on the walls and we continue to work to improve
      3. Specific suggestions welcome.
    4. More controllers for the console rooms
      1. We have 2 controllers with each of our systems and 4 with the Wii
      2. We actually added an xbox one after we had a few request for new games only on that system.
      3. We are looking to add some more controllers but only a few games can play more than 2 and so we are not sure the value.  If there is a specific system and game that you and your friends want to play with 3 or 4 players, please drop the suggestion in our suggestion box and we will work to get it in the club
    5. Better communication of events
      1. We use meetup and facebook for most of our event communication, and facebook repeats to twitter if you like that kind of feed as well.
      2. I have tried to not use email from the members list except on very special occasions, since I promised members I would not spam them.
      3. We also put up notices inside the club of upcoming events as well.
      4. Finally there is a forum under the meetup site to allow the community to discuss games and coordination
    6. More games
      1. We are constantly adding to our library in the last year we have grown from 2 cabinets for our games and movies to now 9 cabinets.
      2. We have a suggestion box in the club and usually when a game is requested I try to get it in the club within a month, assuming availability and price.
      3. Let us know what you want to play and will try to have it for you here next time you come in.
      4. Finally we are looking to start backing Kickstarter games next year so that not only can we keep adding to the current favorites, we can start getting some of the upcoming ones as well.
    7. Last but not least was price
      1. There were comments of what we be nice to change
        1. splitting food from admissions
        2. lowering the price
        3. just make it free
        4. simpler memberships
      2. We have simplified our memberships
        1. We removed some options
        2. Lowered the price of silver and gold memberships
        3. increased the value for these memberships with more friend discounts
        4. We are focusing the rewards system to encourage more advanced memberships
        5. We have combined the platinum and annual pass into a single package
        6. We will no longer require memberships for the children 12 and under, but they will still need to pay admission fees
      3. We are running some special in October to get some more feed back as well on pricing
        1. Monday — Make me an offer for entry
        2. Thursday — Bring a group and get discounts, bigger the group, get a bigger discount
        3. Friday — Discount for students
        4. Early Bird Weekends — First in the door gets a big discount and slowly increase with each person through the door until the 11 th person returns to normal prices
      4. Splitting food from entrance
        1. I decided when I opened this business I did not want to do retail, so that is why food is included
        2. This reduces labor cost which actually helps keep costs down
        3. We also find that it does help distinguish us from all the other options out there, your snacks are included!
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October Specials

Greetings All:

We have many special pricing events going on through the month of October.

  1. Membership sale, points worth double along with the lower rates!  Your reward points are worth $2 per point off Silver, Gold or Platinum memberships until October 8th.
  2. Silver Membership Auction.
    1. Each week starting October 9th you can provide us a bid for a silver membership
    2. Cash/credit only, no points.
    3. As long as we get 10 bids in a week we will sell a membership to the highest bidder.
    4. Second highest bidder will get to choose a new game for our library at no cost, enter the game and we will buy it up to $50
    5. Will do 3 weeks; Oct 9 to 15 / Oct 16 to 22 / Oct 23 to 30 with a membership issued each week.
  3. Make Mike an Offer Monday!
    1. Tell us what you want to pay to play at Grand Arena.
    2. Come to the club on Monday Oct 3, 10, 17 or 24 and make an offer for entrance.
    3. Mike will accept any reasonable offer
  4. Win Min’s Game Wednesday
    1. Each Wednesday Min hosts a game of the day
    2. Whoever wins the Game each week will get an addition 5 rewards points to their account
    3. Good 10/5, 12, 19 and 26
  5. Thursday is Groups day (must arrive together)
    1. Come by yourself and pay normal rate to enter
    2. Bring a friend with you and both only pay $12
    3. Bring 2 friends with you and each pay $10
    4. Bring a group of 4 or more to the club and each only pays $9
    5. Good for 1o/6, 13, 20 and 27
  6. Friday is Student Hangout
    1. Show an ID or other evidence of attending either high school or college and enter for $12
    2. Bring a new member with you and get double rewards points (normally 5, you will get 10)
  7. Early bird Weekends
    1. Each weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, Oct 8/9; 15/16; and 22/23
    2. First 10 in the door will get a reduced cost for a full day entry
    3. Cost will increase with each person in the door until normal rate is reached
    4. Cost progression will be as follows: $5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 15, 15, 17, 20

And watch for news of our Halloween Parties!

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Grand Arena Survey

Hello All,

  • We put out a survey last week to all members.
  • We are looking for your opinions and what we can do to make the club better for you.
  • Please check your email and spam boxes for the survey from and respond by this Saturday 9/24.
  • If you did not receive please check with operations to verify/update your email address.

Upcoming Activities:

  • New membership prices took effect on 9/15.
  • Learn to Role Play event on 9/24
  • RPG Mini-con 10/1
  • Sales and special upcoming for the month October, stay tuned for details
  • Save your points — membership sale will make them more valuable
  • Halloween Parties for 10/29 and 30, with club extended hours
  • Reward points will no longer be accepted for entry passes staring November 1st.

As always thanks for supporting YOUR gaming club!


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Change in membership and rewards Program

SUBJECT:  Change to the Grand Arena Rewards Program and Pricing

Soon after Grand Arena opened, a rewards program was created for our members.  The program ended up being complicated and did not accomplish its initial goals.  Due to this fact, we’ve decided to make some changes to the program.

We understand that changing anything which people have become accustomed to is always difficult.  So we will phase in the changes along with some other modifications to our membership and pricing over the next few months, with all new rules fully in effect on November 1, 2016.  Our hopes are that these changes will assist in bringing members in more often.

One of the areas we have not seen much utilization is the upper level memberships (silver, gold and platinum).  We had thought that the discounts and perks would make them desirable however we realize that the costs may be prohibitive.  To address this area, we will be realigning both our pricing and rewards programs to make these memberships easier to achieve and changing some of the benefits to what we hope are more desirable.

To help simplify our memberships, we will be removing the family membership option; however, to counter this change we are also removing the requirement that a child under the age of 13 to have a membership.  Since children can only be in the club with a parent, then a parental membership will cover up to 2 of their children as well.

In the realm of club access passes, we are reworking this concept completely.  The ability to gain an unlimited access pass is now a benefit of the upper level memberships.  Silver and Gold will be able to purchase monthly passes while the platinum membership will include an annual access pass.

Finally, since we want to encourage the upgrading of membership levels to provide more benefits to our members, we will be increasing the amount of points earned for club attendance to 3 points for every evening entry and 5 points for every day entry.  Also to facilitate this goal, we will be discontinuing the use of points to purchase standard memberships and entry passes at all levels.  Points will only be usable for the purchase of upper level memberships starting November 1, 2016.  The points will count as 1 point equaling $1 in membership costs at the time the memberships are purchased.  Memberships can be upgraded at any time throughout the year.

To make gaining the upper level memberships more achievable and desirable, we will be changing the cost and benefits of memberships and access passes to the following prices:

Membership Cost Eve Pass Rate

Adult / Child

Day Pass Rate

Adult / Child

Month Pass Rate

Adult / Child

Year Pass Number of Guests Allowed to Use your Eve/Day Rate
Standard (Blue) $5 / year $15 / $9 $25 / $15 N/A N/A N/A
Silver $180 / year $12 / $7 $20 / $12 $100 / $60 N/A 1
Gold $500 / year $10 / $6 $17 / $10 $90/  $55 N/A 5
Platinum $1500 / year N/A N/A N/A Included with Membership Same as Gold Membership Level


The timeline for the schedule of changes is identified below:

Effective Date Changes
September 15, 2016 ·     Membership rates changed

·     Silver now allows 1 guest at discount rate

·     Gold now allows 5 guests at discount rate

·     Remove requirement for children under 13 to be members

·     Remove family membership function

·     Remove the ability to renew standard memberships with points

October 1, 2016 ·     Monthly Passes only available to Silver or Gold members at new rates

·     Platinum Members automatically get free entry

·     Remove availability of weekly access passes

November 1, 2016 ·     Discontinue the ability to purchase access passes with points

·     Change Platinum benefit to remove free entry of guest and allow up to 5 people to enter at Gold Prices

·     Increase points earned to 3 for evening and 5 for day entries


Since this system is still a work in progress, we reserve the right to modify the plan at any time; however, we always welcome feedback.

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Club Updates

Hello All,

I have been bad on updating the News page.  We have been putting updates out on the facebook and meetup sites.

Upcoming Activities:

  • Pee Wees big holiday 3/18
  • GM User group meeting 3/19
  • Debut of a role playing system designed for kids – “No Thank You Evil” on 3/20
  • Space Shuttle Movie Marathon weekend of April 2nd.

Watch for a sale on our Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships coming soon.  Save those points they will be worth more than normal during this sale!

Some highlights:

  • Reopening parties went great (Grab Bag drawings a big hit and there is still a Month Pass Available!)
  • Role Playing on the rise — 5 regular games, working on adding more
  • Saturday and Sunday both becoming big board game days
  • Console rooms becoming more popular with addition of new titles
  • Projector added to one of the Role playing rooms, now you can project your map from your computer right on to the table.
  • Great room re-arranged to now host high top tables for miniatures

Club is growing with 6 new members in January and 6 more in February.

March is off to a great start with 6 new members already!

Thanks for all the support, See you soon and Happy Gaming!

Mike Levin



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Prepping for the Parites

Tomorrow :

  • Super Bowl on the 120 ” HD screen and 50″ HD in the main room.
  • Sports related games all around

Next Weekend – Grand Re-opening

  • RPG Adventure / Demo Schedule (players new to role playing welcome)
    • Friday 6 -10 PM : Pathfinder
    • Saturday 11 AM – 4PM : Cipher System : Dread Expectations
    • Saturday 11 AM – 3PM : Pathfinder
    • Saturday Noon – 5PM : 2nd Edition D&D (this is one of our regular games, but GM has a few NPCs and welcomes new players to join in for the session)
    • Saturday 6 – 10 PM : The Strange : Mastodon
    • Sunday 6 – 10 PM : Serenity RPG
    • Monday 11 AM – 4 PM : Pathfinder
    • Monday 6:30 – 10:30 PM : GURPS : Ghost of a Rose
  • Grab Bag prizes for first 100
  • Buy a week access pass for $34
  • Door Prizes at 3PM and 9pm every day, get gift cards to some of the local game and comic stores
  • Board games all weekend
  • Board game demos every day
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Gaming every day

Just wanted to let you know that activity is already picking back up.

We are now over 230 members on the club roster with 6 new members added for January!

Tuesday — We had a serenity RPG and board gamers playing Russian Rails and Brass.

Wednesday — Russian rails came out again and some splendor

Thursday was a bit light but we still got a game of splendor or two in.

Friday — we had D&D game, in the main game room Belfort and lords of waterdeep hit the table

Saturday — we had some warhammer board games going, lords of waterdeep, Xia, Russian rails (twice) and pandemic all made appearance; and a couple of members found some time to try out the new Star Wars Battlefront on the PS4.

Sunday — our 2nd edition D&D game was back in action and we got Firefly, Belfort and Kingsburg on the table as well.

Hope to see you for more board gaming every night.   Tuesday we will be learning a new game plus an old favorite or two, the rest is just spontaneous at this time but we would love to schedule your favorite game.

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Back in action and upcoming events

Now that the paperwork is all done, we are back to gaming:

  • Every day we have open gaming, with 7 private rooms and 13 tables, plus movies and video consoles, there is always something to do
  • Tuesday — we have a board game group and Serenity RPG
  • Thursday — we do game demos and general gaming, going to work on making this a game rep night and bring in game company reps to show off games’
  • Friday — board gaming and Gaither high school game club doing D&D and other fun activities
  • Saturday — board gaming all day
  • Sunday — board gaming all day, plus 2nd edition D&D in the afternoon and steam punk themed pathfinder in the evening.

New Additions to the club:

  • We now have Keurig for the coffee drinkers (yes, finally I got it)
  • We have added broadcast cable to our movie room and main game rooms, so you can bring your friends and watch your favorite series premiers, sporting events or even the political debates (and we can make fun of them if you like as well)

Upcoming Events:

  • Sunday, February 7, Super Bowl 50 party.  Game will be playing in the movie room and in the main game room if wanted.
    • Sports related games
    • Door prize at 3PM and 9PM
    • Where a sport related clothing (jersey, hat, etc) and get in for silver rate.
  • Friday, February 12 to Monday, February 15 — Grand Re-opening
    • Game demos, both board and RPG
    • Door Prizes at 3PM and 9PM each day
    • First 100 get grab bag draw for discounted entry, free entry and even a silver membership
    • Sunday, first 12 ladies get a rose, happy Valentines!
    • Cake


  • Returning members, pay for a week, play all month (until Feb. 7)
  • new members, buy one get one free (until Feb. 7)
  • Grand Re-Opening weekend, buy a week access at Gold Rate, only $34 (play all weekend, and the week to come)
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All inspections complete and passed

Greetings all,

I am happy to announce that the final paperwork has now been completed.

We received word that all the inspection paperwork has been approved and logged;

the last piece of this long haul has been put behind us!

Thanks again for all your support and welcome back to your game club!!!


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Getting it all started

All the changes have been done, all but the final inspection have been signed off.

We expect final sign off on Monday and then all the paperwork will be in order.

But while we wait we have started getting everything back in order.

Starting to set backup the weekly meetups, getting folks used to coming back to the club for their fun.

And adding to the game library:

On the PS4 we added Star Wars Battlefront and Call of Duty – Black Ops III

in the game library we added the last expansion for Pandemic – State of Emergency.

Look forward to seeing all the smiling faces back on a regular basis!

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